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Skin Cult is a treasure-trove of bewitching bath, body and skin care products for those who find themselves summoned by all things deep, dark, and madly macabre. We conjure bath and body products, skincare, salves, serums, elixirs and more in our sinister laboratory.  Creating unique and decadent products that will banish dry skin, exorcise ailments, tantalize your senses, and anoint your inner temptress. With the use of skin-loving ingredients, magical oils, and amazing botanicals, our products are guaranteed to take your self-worship to mystical new realms. Our products are carefully curated with magic, love, and the moody occult overtures you’ve come to lust for. So… Come for your deliverance… Seek salvation for your skin… Be drawn to the dark side, and into SKIN CULT.

all our products are hand crafted and small batch made

All products are handmade by our certified cosmetic chemist, And each formula is small batch made to ensure quality and sterility every single time.


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