About Us


the beginning of skin cult - the cult leader

Skin Cult was conjured up many moons ago in 2018 by Annie McCracken, in Taupō, New Zealand.

Skin Cult began its journey as Covenwick Apothecary, and off the back of a growing, effective and well-loved product range – loved by a passionate and devoted coven of supporters – evolved into Skin Cult in 2023. Annie developed Skin Cult as an offering to all those brave enough to step away from society’s norms, willing to open their minds and hearts to the smells and sensations of deep, dark and moody botanicals that verge on the madly macabre.

 With a passion for cosmetics, self-care and curious fragrances, Annie wanted to create something that goes way beyond the token skincare range… something sensual and spiritually dark… a salutation and salvation for your skin. With her experience including studies in cosmetics formulation, work experience in cosmetics companies, and a lifetime interest and exposure to aromatherapy…an existing passion and spark burst into flame, and Skin Cult was born. Annie is proud to be the face behind a growing range of products that anoint and nourish the skin, induce a sense of the peculiar and strangely mystical at bath time & introduce otherworldly fragrances… all to invoke your senses, create a dark and moody oasis, and draw you into Skin Cult.