• plague doctor hand sanitiser

plague doctor hand sanitiser

Bubonic butterscotch scented hand and surface sanitiser
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50ml Bottle
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Get instant protection from germs, viruses and microbes with out bubonic butterscotch plague doctor sanitiser. Our lightly fragranced formula is made from 70% pure isopropyl alcohol, combined with nourishing vitamin E and vegetable glycerin to help avoid dry hands.

A ratio that has been tested and proven to protect and sanitise!

A must have to quickly sanitise germy hands, or someone on the go who needs a quick spray for things like door knobs or trolley handles!  

Simply spray afew pumps onto hands and rub together - or lightly spray over surfaces



INGREDIENTS: Isopropyl alcohol, (isopropanol), Aqua (water), Glycerol, Parfum (fragrance oil),tocopherol (vitamin E)